On October 24, 2012 bare and devastated areas near Decani and Istog have been forested as part of the DEAR WEST project. Students from high schools from the region were actively involved in this event.

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The forestation was one of the planned activities of this project which aims to encourage the development of alternative and rural tourism in Western Kosovo. "When we were conceptualizing the project we kept in mind that tourism, besides its contribution to the economic development of the municipalities and the entire region, should also be streamlined with nature", says Lazar Nedanoski manager of the project. "Therefore, we felt it was necessary despite the activities for development of tourism to add activities for awareness and protection of nature and thus make the balance between nature and tourism."

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Both the Mayor of Decani and his deputy were on the field while the forestation action took place. They expressed satisfaction with the organization of such an event, especially because only in this way could the forests affected by fire be revived.

Involving young people in the action had a very important dimension - raising awareness for the preservation of the environment. , "Young people need to learn that from nature should not only take away but need to give back too”, said Zeneli Kasumi, director of the technical school in Decani. “And this is a great opportunity to do that."

Students showed great skill and understanding in planting young trees. Under the supervision of their diligent professors, they planted thousands of young seedlings.

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