IMG 9277On November 23, 2011, representatives of the Local Action Groups and municipalities of Peja, Klina, Decani and Istog were part of the Tree Day action in Macedonia. This is the most mass forestation action in Macedonia and probably in the region, organized since 2007. This year 5 million young plants were planted. The visit was organized for experience exchange and organizing similar action in the region of Western Kosovo.

The Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation presented drafts of tourist products for the four municipalities: Peja, Decane, Klina and Istog. This follows after previous workshops on identification of tourist potentials of the municipalities with wide array of local stakeholders.

From 14 to 16 of July 2011 the first study visit of the touristic potentials, places and events in Macedonia was held. Part of the visit were 11 participants from the Local Action Groups (LAG-s) of Pec, Decani, Istog and Klina, representatives of the Regional Development Agency-West, media and other organizations related to tourism in Kosovo.


On August 1st 2011 on the Pec square, Kosovo, MEDF presented the project Diversifying Economic Activity in the Region West/DEAR WEST. The presentation was part of the farewell event for Mr. Kjartan Björnsson, EC Head of Operations and Acting Head of Office. The presentation was organized by the Regional Development Agency – West for the projects financed by EURED and Rural Grant Scheme.