On 29 of May in hotel Dukagjini in Peja, MEDF organized promotion of the touristic video named “I tried in tourism and you can too” as well as two brochures titled “Why Yes for tourism as business” and “West Kosovo – at reach!”

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Lemane Hatashi, Executive Director of the Regional Development Agency West (EUred) expressed her gratitude to MEDF for promotion through visual products and stressed that this is an opportunity for "sustainable economic development, integration of tradition and natural resources in economic development, raising of living standards, creation of jobs and development of tourist offer that offers good service".

Zana Radoniqi, Director of Economic Development spoke on behalf of the host Municipality of Peja. "The activities of this project should promote mobilization of other stakeholders and businesses as the slogan of the new video says - I tried in tourism and you can too!” said Radoniqi

Lazar Nedanoski, project manager addressed the audience on behalf of MEDF. "In these 18 months, together with our partners – the Local Action Groups, we did a lot", said Nedanoski. "We identified tourism products that have market potential, through trainings we developed the capacity of tourism workers, through promotional activities we made increased the visibility of the beauties of western Kosovo to interested visitors. Also, for the people related with tourism we organized a study visit to Macedonia, and soon experiences of Montenegro and Albania will be covered by a new study visit, and, we have started preparations for small infrastructure works that will improve the tourist offer", said Nedanoski.

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There are more reasons why we need to say Yes for tourism as a business, was said on the promotion. “The tourism is the business of everyone. Not only to those directly involved, but everybody are involved in tourism”. The second brochures recommended the new and undiscovered touristic destination in Pec, Decani, Klina and Istog which offer guests pleasure of its own merit.


Three new touristic videos were also promoted on the event. They emphasized positive and successful business practices in tourism in West Kosovo. Hence, they aim to encourage all people interested in business venturing in tourism and to show them that such success is possible.

"Tourism is a novelty in the region and it is necessary not only to attract people to see the beauty of the region, but also to convince local population themselves that this may also generate additional income into domestic budgets", was said at the promotion.

Videos are shot on locations in West Kosovo. The production was by Fabrika. The broadcasting of the videos is on national televisions as well as on televisions in the region of West Kosovo.

The project is financed by EU, managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation (MEDF) and its local partners – Local Action Groups from Peja, Decani, Klina and Istog.