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Kosovo’s economic region of West is mainly rural with agriculture being the prime economic activity of the population. Relying solely on a single sector is a rigid option for the uncertain future. The immediate consequences can be seen even now, as young people and families flee to urban areas looking for jobs.

1) Local tourism products

1.1. Mapping and selection of local marketable tourism products
1.2. Development of local tourist products

2) Developed capacity for tourism

2.1. Trainings for key stakeholders
2.2. Study visits to similar events in the region

3) Promotion of the tourism potential

3.1. Promotion of tourism as alternative economic activity
3.2. Promotion of tourist products within Kosovo
3.3. Promotion of tourist products in the region

4) Improved capacity of sectors complementary to tourism

4.1. Small-scale infrastructure improvements, especially in relation to environment
4.2 Share forestry and environment practices in regional context